JaCar Color Lounge | 265 N Federal St. #134 Chandler, AZ 85226 | (480) 926-1888 | colorexperts@jacarcolorlounge.com
We use Aveda products which use only natural plant and flower-derived ingredients and are formulated to bring your body and mind back into natural balance.

A great look starts with great color. Through our
consultation process our talented team will work with
you to ensure the perfect balance between your
skintone, lifestyle needs and your color. All services
include two complimentary services in addition to
blowdry and styling. The levels of pricing reflect
the education, experience, and request rate of the

JaCar Color Lounge utilizes a training program for
licensed stylists to ensure expertise amongst our new
stylists. This program trains and orients new talent to the
salon’s standard in technical, cultural, customer service,
and Aveda brand requirements. Upon completion of the
training program the stylist begins his/her career at the
Stylist level.

**Haircut prices quoted are for women. Please contact
us via e-mail or phone to ask about men’s and children’s

We are professionals in our field, and like other
professionals, we do not accept tips. The biggest tip you
could give us is to refer a friend. You will receive a Shampure shampoo and conditioner for every referral who receives services at JaCar
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